I’m Not on a Diet – I Have One

Just over 3 years ago I found myself experiencing very painful periods, spells of feeling low and the inability to get pregnant 🤰 for the second time (and the first time was so effortless). I came across a women's health functional nutritionist and finally jumped on the clean eating bandwagon after years of being very reluctant to change my diet and what I ate.

I was so afraid of clean eating. I love food, and I love to eat! I feared changing my diet would mean bland food, feeling hungry all day and missing out on the foods I loved. Well I was wrong!

After just 3 days of clean eating I lost 5 pounds without even trying, my energy increased, and bloating decreased. After a few months of having a healthy diet I found my painful periods disappear, bouts of feeling low significantly improve and my husband and I were able to naturally conceive our daughter Caroline. ❤️

Food matters. It can act as medicine and as poison to our bodies. There are so many different diets that take important food groups out of the equation. I see so many women start these only to give up on them, revert to old habits and gain the weight they lost and then some. If you are like I was – afraid to give this clean eating thing a try, come join me for a FREE 5-day clean eating Bootcamp. Come learn not how to be on a diet, but how to have one. I'll share a complete meal plan with recipes and a grocery list so you succeed at living this lifestyle, and share my tips and tricks for meal prepping and following a healthy eating lifestyle. Don't do this alone. I'm here to help you succeed and see how much better you can feel when you Use food as fuel and medicine.

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