My Transformation How I’m Fitter at 31 vs. 24


I’m looking for 🖐🏼 ladies on this #TransformationTuesday who are READY to get results and take their health & fitness to the next level. 

Age is just a number and this photo proves it. 
It feels like just yesterday that I was 24 year old Carly, happily married and “content” with where I was. George and I got up most mornings just as we do today and usually spent an hour at the gym. We didn’t follow a workout program or if we did it was the free ones you could find online. I wasn’t following a food plan or taking any supplements to help support the healthy, active lifestyle I was trying to live. We also didn’t have any external fitness support outside of ourselves, so I was mentally stuck in my head thinking I’d reached the best version of myself. It wasn’t abnormal for us to Wakeup and make excuses for why we didn’t want to workout or finish our workout. That was us. 
Last year I stopped wasting time doing workouts that aren’t getting me new results, and now work out at-home following the best workout programs in the world that take only 30 minutes a day. I follow a food plan and support my body with the best whole food nutrtion from across the world. Most importantly I now have the support of my amazing online accountability group so I’m able to make sure I show up for myself every day and give it all I have. I went from snoozing several times in the morning and having a very disgruntled husband yank me out of bed, to hopping out of bed excited to do my workouts and check-in with the amazing women who have linked arms with me on this health and fitness journey. I read personal development every day and I know that if I’m not changing, I’m dying. I’m happy with who I am, but I’m not satisfied. 

If you are ready to link arms with me and start doing the thing it takes to start moving your health and fitness in the right direction apply for my next group which kicks off July 10th.

Joining my group will give you everything you need to succeed:

⭐️My Support and the support of our online fitness accountability group. This is the critical link ladies. I’m here to get you started and make sure you achieve your goals (your attitude and the work is up to you)

⭐️One-Year Access to EVERY Beachbody At-Home Fitness Program ever made and any newly released programs. I’ll match you up with a program you’ll jump out of bed to do in the morning.

⭐️A meal plan designed specifically to your goals, and these cute color coded containers to help teach you the proper portions

⭐️One meal per day – the delicious Shakeology that feeds your body the dense nutrtion your body is starving for

You too can start getting the results you’ve always wanted. You too can be in better shape now than you were in your younger years. You’ve got to DECIDE you want it, commit to the actions it takes and put in the work and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Let’s do this ladies, spots are filling up fast. Apply today to reserve your spot. We’ve got this 👊🏼

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