Transformation Tuesday: Happy Wife, Happy Life

This #TransformationTuesday I’m going to pass on showing my progress photos and talking about how I’ve visually changed so I can focus on something near and dear to my ❤️ – Happiness.

I was listening to another Team Beachbody Coach talk last week on our weekly “National Wakeup Calls”, and she was talking about what it takes in life to be a successful coach, and in my opinion a successful person. She said she had a couple key behaviors that TNT – take no talent – for us to FOCUS on.

One of those keys 🔑 was work ethic. She said it’s a DECISION. She is so right – our work ethic is our decision. Now she wasn’t saying go be a slave and work until exhaustion. What she was saying is are you spending the time you do set aside to work with the tasks/actions that will move you forward in life? Am I spending my precious time during the day wasting it by doing low-value tasks, or am I doing the tasks that will get me where I want to go, the things I want, the trips I desire, etc.?

Another key 🔑 she mentioned was ATTITUDE. Again, she said our attitude takes no talent, and just like our work ethic our attitude is our CHOICE. Am I hopping out of bed excited to be alive, grateful for another day with my wonderful family and friends, anxious to make a positive impact in the lives of others? Or am I just getting by, living life with a bad attitude?

In these 31 years I’ve been alive, I’ve found that in order for my work ethic and my attitude to be where I want them to be – my bucket needs to be overflowing. I need to feel good and be happy.

You know what makes me happy? When I get up in the morning and kick my ass with an insanely tough workout that I wasn’t sure I could make it through. When I Fuel my body with fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh lean meats and seafood and complex carbs. When I eat to give my body energy, not take it away.

I am my happiest when I look and feel my best – from the inside out, and in my world that means daily exercise and clean eating are a non-negotiable. Sure I have cheats and treats along the way, but 90+ percent of the time I’m watching what I put in my mouth, because it too is a choice and what I feed my body impacts my work ethic and my attitude.

So if you’re a working, busy Momma, Wife, Daughter, friend, colleague, or woman who’s reading this and you’re not happiness is non-existent or not where you’d like it to be: know that it can be changed, YOU are in control of changing it, and I’d like to suggest you start exercising and eating healthy every day so you can truly feel your best from the inside out.

If you don’t know where to even begin, or what you’re currently do just isn’t working, and you’re ready to start seeing results and make a change – now is the time!

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