Are you eating enough? 

This is a subject I am so very passionate about, especially for women. Are you eating enough? And I don’t just mean enough calories – I mean the right calories. Many of the women I’ve worked with on their health and fitness journey are afraid to eat. It’s like somehow American women have been convinced that if they starve their bodies of the nutrients they need, the food it takes to keep our bodies working at optimal conditions – they’ll suddenly starve themselves skinny. Sad thing is when I look around me, very few women are in good phsysical condition, many are not at a healthy body weight, and I’m convinced it’s because most of us are not eating enough of the right food (including complex carbohydrates). We’re starving our bodies of the nutrients it needs.

Earlier this week I was complaining to my husband that despite getting a full night’s sleep – I was tired. I couldn’t make it much past 8 o’clock at night. I also noticed that I couldn’t stay away from my kids snacks of pretzels and goldfish. I was craving fruits, and worse of all I was bloating. Big time. What was going on? I workout each day. I eat clean. Everything is good, right?

I wasn’t eating enough. Period. Thankfully, we follow a wonderful portion control system with our at home workout programs that advises us with exactly exactly how much of each food group to eat to be successful with our fitness goals. So I merely jumped up meal plans and the difference just 3 days later of eating more food is crazy to me! I’m less bloated, my belly is flatter. Heck you can even see a difference in my thighs and arms. So ladies – please don’t be afraid to eat enough clean food. Our bodies need it, and I’m proof that not eating enough food will only cause us to be bigger, not smaller. 

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