Top 5 Shopping Tips

This past Saturday I was honored to present at the Indiana Farm Bureau Young Farmer conference about farming “with style”. Style – what is style? As I told the many fabulous women who attended my breakout session today style is YOU! It’s a concatenation of your taste and preferences – what makes you feel put together when you walk out of the house.

This is the first of many blog posts I will create pertaining to my presentation today. Enjoy!

The Fashionista Farmwife’s Top 5 Shopping Tips

For the non-seasoned shopper, walking into a department store can be as overwhelming as a first time mother walking into a baby superstore for the first time. I have a few fundamentals I use when shopping that I think all shoppers should use as their foundation when buying clothes and accessories. When you go shopping – make sure your new clothes and accessories are:

  1. Stylish
  2. Comfortable/Flattering
  3. Versatile
  4. Practical
  5. Affordable

Stylish – If something isn’t stylish it most likely will not grab your attention (unless it’s down right ridiculous). Of the two pumps pictured – the pumps on the right are definitely more stylish than the pumps on the left. However, for some women comfort might trump style and to them to the pumps on the left are stylish enough. This is very subjective tip, buy items you like as you will be the one wearing them.


Comfortable/Flattering – If it’s not comfortable or flattering you will skip right over it when you’re in your closet. Make sure you buy the right size and that the article of clothing flatters your body. Helpful tip: both of the pumps pictured below are stylish. However, the pumps on the left have a platform that will take some of the pressure off the ball of your foot and be more comfortable than the pair on the right.


Versatile – The best clothes and accessories are versatile. I love when I have lots of “Go-To” items that I can put with anything and look great. On the other hand, I cannot tell you how frustrated I get when I look in my closet and see items I bought that only go with one outfit. Buy pieces that will go with anything, and if the item isn’t versatile don’t put much money in it (unless you have a money tree in the back yard). Pictured below are the exact pair of pumps. The black pumps are WAY more versatile than the red pumps. I’m not saying you can’t ever buy the red pumps – just don’t expect to wear them that often, and buy them on sale.


Practical – Clothes and accessories that work with your lifestyle are just important as comfort and versatility. I can remember before I became a mother (Aunt even) the cross body bags were just coming in style. I thought they were the ugliest thing ever – who would want one of those things? Well…I do now! Unless it’s an evening bag, I won’t buy a purse that’s not a cross body anymore. Let’s face it – chasing a 2 year old around is impossible with a clutch. My pick for an everyday handbag – one with handles and a removable cross body strap. I don’t like the cross body bags without handles because you can’t simply grab them on the go. The bag on the right is way more practical and versatile too!


Affordable – Last, but not least is affordable. Everyone’s budget is different. There are beautiful clothes and accessories at every price point. I’ll write a future blog about key pieces I think you should invest in. Don’t go into debt for fashion – it’s not worth it.

Now write these tips down and take them with you when you go shopping and ask yourself, “how comfortable is this?” “How versatile is this?”, etc. when shopping to avoid those bad purchases and build a wardrobe that works for you.

The Fashionista Farmwife

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