Why Buy a Designer Dress When You Can Rent One?

Women who are in the “baby rearing” stage of their life like myself are all too familiar with what seems like a constantly changing figure. From a clothing perspective I’ve never been more frustrated in my life with what seems like a closet full of clothes just not the right ones to wear.

When in 2011 I was pregnant, then I exclusively nursed my son for a year (didn’t stop for good until last December), and am now finally back to what I’d call my ideal weight only to start thinking about starting this process all over again it’s hard for me to justify investing in designer clothes if I’m not sure I will get much wear out of them. It’s also hard to buy $300+ dresses for formal occasions you will most likely never wear the dress again for. Enter Rent the Runway.

I actually found this site just after giving birth to my son in 2011 but for some dumb reason finally rented my first dress a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I were invited to a Kentucky Derby party which we unfortunately didn’t get to attend due to planting on the farm. I thankfully had a mother daughter dinner I got to wear the dress for the next night. I should’ve got my picture in it, but here is the dress I rented:

20130516-204701.jpgTrina Turk Retail: $348 Rental: $65

The site is great. They offer suggestions for the occasion you are looking for. They also note when a dress runs bigger or smaller than normal. Fellow renters offer their review of the dress and upload pictures. The dress arrives a day before your event with two sizes so you’re sure the dress will fit. You can also rent stylist suggested costume jewelry and bags. The dresses come with everything you need to return the dress. Really what more can you ask for?

Dresses rent for about $50-$75 depending on the cost of the dress. This really is an awesome service to use. Now you can wear a new dress to every event without feeling guilty about it! And say goodbye to all those formal dresses you may only get to wear once due to a changing figure. If you don’t like wearing the same dress over again, can’t afford a designer dress or have a constantly changing figure then I recommend you try RTR for your next event. And watch out because you will find yourself thinking up the next event you can RTR for.

Here are some dresses on my radar:

20130516-205012.jpgTRINA TURK $65 Rental

20130516-205023.jpgMISSONI $225 Rental

20130516-205031.jpgNANETTE LEPORE $65 Rental

Get $20 for your first rental here.

Happy Renting!

The Fashionista Farmwife

Photos from http://www.renttherunway.com

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