New Tractor for the Farm

Spring has sprung on the farm so I’m going to try my best to write quick blogs about what’s happening on our family grain farm throughout the growing season.

This past weekend we got a new tractor – and that’s a big deal at our farm. Our family and friends that work for us spend countless hours in the equipment we own tending to the soil; planting, spraying and harvesting our crops; mowing the roadsides for the fields we farm; and more. You are only as good a farmer as your help and equipment allow you to be so for an expanding family grain farm we must stay on top of our equipment.

This tractor is now the biggest tractor we own, accompanying our other “high horse power” tractor we’ve had since 2008. Our new John Deere 9510 has the power of 510 horses while our John Deere 9520 has 450 horse power. Horse power literally means how many horses a machine has the power of, and I sure cant imagine 510 horses hitched together working in the field so thank God for modern equipment, right?

It was delivered on Saturday just after lunch. Everyone was excited at the farm and all the kids are itching for their first ride in it. Here are some pics from its arrival – I can’t wait to show you some pics of it working in the field.

20130417-180032.jpgOversize Load

20130417-180040.jpgVince and Daddy (George)

20130417-180149.jpgVince and Papa

20130417-180209.jpgPapa and his Grandsons

20130417-180232.jpgGeorge’s Grandpa Mike and Mother Nancy

20130417-180316.jpgVince and Jack – too sweet!

20130417-180340.jpgNanny and her Grandsons

Happy Spring!

The Fashionista Farmwife

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