Vincent 18 Months

20130411-210102.jpgVince is 34.5″ tall and 25lbs

It’s crazy that Vincent is now 6 months away from being 2. As a mother you learn to nod and smile when people come up to you and tell you to enjoy them while it lasts. They are right though, the time flies by. One day you’re holding a 9 lb baby trying to figure out this new life they call motherhood and the next you’re chasing a walking, talking toddler. Every day I come home from work it seems like Vince has a new word or story he’s telling me.

We are building a new barn on the farm this spring so “the guys” have been busy preparing the foundation for the barn. Dump trucks have been hauling in dirt and boy does Vince love to talk about the big BOOM the dump trucks make when their door slams after its dumped.
20130411-205224.jpgGrandpa Mike – the first generation of our family farm
20130411-204011.jpgVince and his Gigi (my Mom) in front of the new barn

Thank God for YouTube as every morning Vince demands to watch videos of farmers harvesting (he is obsessed with combines, but so am I).

I was raised in the ‘burbs so raising children on the farm is new to me, but i think I’m lucky to have this opportunity. Vincent loves the outdoors and the farm. He’s always ready to go. If you mention going anywhere he will tell you “coat, hat, shoes” as he knows that’s what he needs before he can go. Raising children on the farm is probably one of the most dangerous, fun and rewarding places you can raise a child. Every year they learn the basics of life. How to tend the earth, plant and take care of a crop in hopes of harvesting a bountiful crop in the fall to help feed not only our family but those around the world. My Mom was a teacher, so I got to experience some of her job. However, it doesn’t get more hands on than living on the farm and helping as you can.

20130411-210442.jpgVince in our biggest, most powerful tractor with Daddy

At 18 months Vince is a love bug. He loves to give hugs and cuddle. He still gets rocked to sleep for all his naps and at night, so that probably helps. 🙂 His vocabulary is rapidly expanding. He can name many and knows the location of many body parts like hair, head, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, lips, hands, feet, etc. He is rapidly developing a nice work ethic. He is eager to help with chores so I let him, and he does a great job for an 18 month old. Vince is a trickster. He will act like he’s giving you food only to eat it himself. He loves to wink (currently with both eyes). While he may act shy at first, he is quick to warm up with others, especially children. He loves to people watch. He eats well and loves deluxe pizza. Vincent is an abosolute joy.

I think being a mother is one of the most selfless yet rewarding roles in my life. I enjoy every day I get with Vincent. Everyone is right: we must take time to enjoy our children. Play with them. Teach them. Show them what you’re doing. Hold them. Kiss them. Tell them you love them. They will become who you help shape them to be. We must make sure to be who we want them to become and to nurture them into their “best self”.

To all the other mothers out there, there’s no one like Mom.


The Fashionista Farmwife

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