I Really Love My: Rock Lobster Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel


I have to admit I ❤ Marc Jacobs designs, in particular his handbags. They are so cute, fun and most of them mommy friendly. So when George and I were out shopping a couple weekends ago and I saw this bag I instantly fell in love. I had to have it. It is the Classic Q Baby Groovee leather satchel in rock lobster. Although I love pink this bag does not follow my normal rules for purchasing a handbag this expensive. I would normally suggest you invest in a neutral go with everything practical bag, but a girl’s gotta live some so I bought this one instead. Before my nephew was born I thought cross body bags were ugly – what a horrible idea for a handbag. Well 2 nephews and a son later and they are the best thing since sliced bread in the handbag world. I love that the Marc Jacobs bags allow you to remove or keep the cross body strap and carry as a satchel. They are a very flexible, practical, stylish bag that will last you for years!

Here are my other Marc by Marc Jacobs bags one of which you can still buy – it’s the Classic Q Lil Ukita in praline.


Bottom line: I highly recommend these handbags. I’ve had the praline bag for 4 years now, it’s got minimal wear and I still get compliments on it.

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