We Really Love Our: Contempo Kitchen Helper


Our mailbox gets bombarded with magazines, one of them I’ve looked at and pondered buying things from is the company One Step Ahead. I love gadgets and gizmos – anything that can help a mother out. So when I saw this Contempo kitchen helper I was instantly intrigued. I finally decided to buy one and give it a try and boy does Vince love it! It is a goal of mine to ensure Vince develops an appetite for healthy, nutritious foods and that he maintains a good diet from infancy through his adult life. I’m a strong believer that in order to do this you need to expose your children to as many foods that are safe to give them (really haven’t found anything he doesn’t like) and have them be a part of the cooking process. This stool helps him be in the middle of the action (obviously he’s not around sharp objects and the stove/oven yet). He can watch me chop vegetables and fresh fruit, and prepare the lean meat and fish that we enjoy eating so much. It’s an easy way to help your child learn more about what the foods he/she eats do for him/her and develop language and math skills. The part that sold me was how the stool folds to a compact size for easy storing. So if you’re wanting to bring your little ones into the kitchen we highly recommend this stool.


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