My Top 5 Workout Essentials


I think exercise is so important for everyone to incorporate into their lifestyle that i wanted to share my top 5 essentials that help me live an active lifestyle.

1. Workout Partner
Obviously you will not be willing to start exercising until you have convinced yourself you are ready and need to, but second to keeping yourself motivated on your weight loss goals is a great workout partner and my top exercise essential. My workout partner is my husband. While we do not do the same workouts, we both get up in the morning (5AM) and exercise. He is my biggest cheerleader. I cannot tell you how much George helps push me and motivate me on the days my motivation is low. He also helps keep me accountable – a key to weight loss success.

2. Accountability
You must hold yourself accountable if you are going to successfully incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. First step is to document where you are: weigh yourself, take measurements and photograph yourself in a bathing suit. Next step is to document where you’d like to be. Make weekly and monthly goals. These goals must be measurable – I recommend your first week’s goal be to complete all your workouts. Then maybe the next week you can make your goal to lose a pound. Your first month’s goal may be to drop 5 pounds. Don’t make your goals unattainable, but don’t workout without a goal. Tracking your workouts and progress not only helps you make sure your effort is working it keeps you momentum and motivation going!

3. Music
I love music – it is a very effective emotional tool. The intensity of my workouts jumps when I’m listening to music – it also helps me focus on the exercises. You are most likely very aware of what music pumps you up so make a playlist for your workouts. I have a Belkin iPhone armband that I use to play my music. I love my Shure headphones that block out all outside noises so it’s me and my tunes in the morning during my workout.

4. Sports Bra
Nothing is more annoying than your boobs bouncing up and down during a workout. You need to support them, especially during intense workouts. My favorite bras are the Under Armour Armour Bra – you can get them for your bra size so you’re sure they will fit. You need to find your favorites. They are expensive, but in my opinion should be the one thing out of your attire you invest in. They will last if you take care of them by air drying them. My suggestion when shopping for them: try them on, jump up and down and make sure your boobs aren’t moving much. I try to keep at least 4 sports bras and make sure to launder our workout gear mid week and on the weekend.

5. Shoes
Last but certainly not least is a great pair of tennis shoes. My favorite pair are the Nike Air Max shoes (make sure you get an orange Nike box as those are the exercise line). I first found these while I was pregnant. I love them. They feel like you are walking on a cloud of air. There are so many brands of tennis shoes out there and everyone has different needs when it comes to shoes so make sure you look for a lightweight, supportive shoe. You will regret not investing in a good pair of tennis shoes if you are successful with incorporating your new workout into your lifestyle.

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