Miracle Cloths Save My Sanity


Those who know me well know I am a clean freak. I have serious OCD that my 15 month old challenges every day. Today I just got a new shipment of one of my staple cleaning products: microfiber cloths. Knock offs there are plenty but the real microfiber cloths that you want are from a company called Solutions. When they are dry they are great dusters, absorbers and polishers. They shine stainless steal, sinks, counters, stove tops – basically any surface wet. Cut through grease and grime in a second – there isn’t much they can’t do! Living with a 15 month also means my house looks like a disaster so if company is coming over I grab a microfiber cloth and can easily fake a clean house since the cloths work on most surfaces. Did I mention the also absorb tons of water so they clean up spilled milk in a jiffy and we keep them in the shower to wipe down our glass doors and keep them squeaky clean.

I love the cleaning and kitchen towel microfiber cloths Solutions sells. I just thought I’d share one of my favorite cleaning products with everyone as they are one sale right now.

Here’s my dishwasher before and after I cleaned it with a barely damp microfiber cloth:



Again, I dampened a small section of a cloth to get up remnants of some spilled milk on the hardwood floors and use the dry parts of the cloth to polish and dry the floor.



A clean house makes me happy and keeps me sane. These cloths help me obtain a clean house in a jiffy!

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