Body after Baby – 15 Months Postpartum

I have to admit that I’m addicted to celebrity gossip sites like PopSugar and People, so it was common place for me to see how quickly many celebrities got their pre-baby body back before and throughout my pregnancy with my Son Vincent. The latest celebrity to drop their baby weight fast is Courtney Kardashian – losing 44 pounds in 6 months (story here). I think most women look at these celebrities and instantly start making excuses for why they can never get their body back that quickly. I was instantly inspired that I could follow in the foot steps of Courntey Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Halle Barry (do I need to name more) and quickly bounce back.

Just two weeks after I gave birth to Vincent I started up the workout program that got Halle Berry and Jessica Alba’s body back after baby: Ramona Braganza’s 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone. The at-home workout program has a three phase approach all combining 3 core, 2 cardio and 1 circuit training exercises. The workouts build from merely 25 minutes 5 days a week in phase 1 to 60 minutes 6 days a week in phase 3. I was committed to Ramona – following her exercise plan to a T. Three months after Vincent was born I had lost all but 5 of the 40 pounds I gained while pregnant. My hips and waist were an inch or less away from my pre-baby measurements. I was successfully nursing my new son, enjoying being a new mother, and working part time again all while getting my body back – I was on cloud 9. I loved Ramona’s workouts, but they end. There was no at home continuity that I could buy and follow and so begins my struggle.

I should have been like all the celebrities, could have been like them – losing all their baby weight in just 6 months, but I wasn’t. After Ramona’s training ended I started the ChaLEAN Extreme workout program. I also started making excuses for not following the exercise plans to a T and did not put in the intensity I needed with what cardio the exercise programs had (bummer since I had built up my cardio with Ramona’s plan). To make a long story short – I went from exercise program to exercise program hoping it would take off the final 5 pounds and mere inches I need to trim off with no avail. I fought with myself, convinced myself that I didn’t have the time to workout that I needed. I would do the strength part of the workout and skimp on the cardio – and because of these excuses I cheated myself from obtaining my goal I was so close to reaching. It is possible to be like the celebrities – the difference between me and them is that they don’t give up on themselves and they put in the time and effort it takes to get their desired results (and have the right program to follow).

Luckily I found Tracy Anderson on LilSugar – she was coming out with a pregnancy DVD series. What? I struggled my entire pregnancy wanting to work out but not really knowing how to work out without negatively affecting the baby. I was (am) SO excited someone finally did this for all the pregnant women out there wanting to stay in shape during their pregnancy (this is very important for pregnant women). I was instantly intrigued with her – and found her Metamorphosis aka TAM method. Amazed at what she does with celebrity bodies (she shapes the hot bodies of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian and Courtney Kardashian to name a few) I quickly took the quiz to find out which of the 4 body types I am (omnicentric) and had my metamorphosis on its way. Sadly – it took forever to get here so in the meantime I thought I’d try insanity with my husband while I waited. Well that was a mistake – it instantly decreased my milk supply so I freaked out and started eating like a man hoping that would help (it didn’t). I ended up giving up on Insanity after little results (and to recover my milk supply) half way through its program. Then I decided 1 hour 6 days a week was too much for a working, breast feeding mother so I ordered Brazil Butt Lift. After not following it’s program to a T (mainly not doing all of the prescribed cardio) I continued to spin cycles trying to shred the final 5 (do you see a trend here – you MUST follow workout programs as laid out, especially the cardio for weight loss).

I finally started the TAM on August 26, 2012. That was a great day and although I have not followed the first 90 days of the workout to a “T” – I have only done 15/30 minutes of cardio some days and had more than 1 rest day a week – I finally shred the final 5 pounds! That speaks volumes about the effectiveness of her program. I really cannot speak more highly of a workout program. You must commit to 1 hour a day, 6 days a week for this program (that’s what Ramona worked me up to) – that’s really the effort you need to get a celebrity body. It is very hard to commit to that time (still is frankly – some days I still skimp on the cardio), but I have the results to know the time is worth it. When i look at my workout sheets i see the biggest gains when i do the full hour. Tracy’s program pairs 30 minutes of dance cardio with 30 minutes of muscular structure work. She focuses on the small muscle groups to create a gorgeous, womanly body. The other plus to the TAM – continuity. Unlike most other workouts that leave you after 90 days she has the at home continuity to keep you going. There’s no more struggling to figure out which workout you need to do next while hoping you’ll get the results you’re looking for. I officially completed the first 90 days of the omnicentric workouts and just started my continuity workouts this week. =) It feels great to be back where I started and I can’t wait to continue fine tuning my body.

I strongly encourage every woman unhappy with her body to try the Tracy Anderson Method. She has 4 body types so you know your workouts are strategically designed for your shape. It only requires 3 pound weights, a workout mat, great pair of shoes (see below), damn good sports bra and the motivation to follow her workout regimen to get you on your way to the body you want. I have tried many at home workout programs and if you are looking for fast results you will not regret starting the TAM. If the TAM doesn’t appeal to you I highly suggest that you find a program that incorporates BOTH muscular structure work AND cardio – I have seen little results from programs cardio or strength training intense. Thanks Tracy for sharing your knowledge with everyone and helping us achieve our goals!!

My next goal: drop 5 more pounds and finish the next 90 days in 90 days performing the full hour workout each day. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. We are all usually our own worst enemy and it takes time to overcome the excuses you so easily create to keep you from reaching your goals.

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  1. Hannah Fisher-Poland

    How enlightening, Carly! I haven’t had any kiddos yet but several of my good friends are expecting and I am going to share this info with them.


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