Snow Day on the Farm

I love living in Indiana and getting to enjoy the changing of the seasons. They all have their challenges, but I find the beauty that each season brings far out weighs any of the negatives. The beauty of winter is the holiday season and the beautiful snow. Yesterday Vincent got his first taste of playing in the snow and a ride in Daddy’s new RSX Gator. Although our time outside was brief, we all enjoyed it.

On a fashion front my snow gear must haves are my Ugg Australia Adirondack II boots (I hate cold feet and these boots paired with some smart wool socks keep them toasty in frigid temperatures.) and my North Face 550 down jacket. This is my second pair of Ugg boots. My first pair is all leather on the outside. They last forever and Ugg sells new liners to put in the bottom of the boots. You will not regret your investment in a pair of the rugged Ugg boots (not the kind which are suede on the outside) and a nice North Face jacket – I think mine is about 6 years old.

Ugg boots 1IMG_5400

Let’s hope for lots of snow this winter – our soil definitely needs the moisture for next year’s crop.


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